WHO DROVE WHO (Mark Angel Comedy)

This is one comedy video that
will make you laugh without
knowing when you laugh. Emmanuella
and Mark Angel are shocked at a
particular bill they are to pay and
they react in a way that even the person
they are to pay to could not believe what he
was seeing and hearing. Don’t miss it!!!
W@CH TH3 V1D30 B310W

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D@NGERS! Crazy Chimp Get Shocked by Electric

Let’s watch “Crazy Chimp And Grizzly
Bear Get Shocked by Electric” you will
have moments of Scary and surprise
with the reaction of animals with
electric fences. But you also will be
sorry for the animals, they are not to
be predicted that the electric fence’s in front.
W@CH TH1Z V1D30 B310W

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THE PETROL (Funniest Mark Angel Comedy 2016)

Denilson Igwe is in trouble again! Imagine
if you have to pass through all the trouble
he had to pass through just to get what he
wants and ended up in an even bigger trouble.
He does all he can just to do it without being
noticed and he ended up being noticed in a way
that will make you laugh till you cough.
th1s v1de0 is very funny! enjoy it.
W@CH TH3 V1D30 B310W

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SH@ME!!! Teacher c@ught D01ng Th1s w1th H1s Student

Wonders shall never end!!!!!!
A 24-year-old Iowa high school
teacher arrested for allegedly
h@ving s.x.u@l rel@tions w1th
his 17-year-old student the photos
he sent to the student during their
6-month relationship turned himself
in to authorities. “I never thought
it would get this far,” he said.
W@CH V1D30 B310W

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